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弓道写真家  奥野浩次

This website is the web Kyudo photo exhibition  held in limited days.

Currently, covid-19 has been affecting the world, and I see sad news every day.  Various events have been canceled or postponed, and public facilities have been closed.
It is no exception in the Kyudo world.  There are many Kyudo friends who have to leave Kyudo, their lifework.
I decided to have this web photo exhibition with the hope that such people would feel like they are in a Kyudo-jo.
Of course, I would also like people who are not doing Kyudo or who are interested in Kyudo to see this exhibition.

Photos in this exhibition are in variety, such as photos that I was thinking to exhibit at my next exhibition, photos that had been exhibited at my previous exhibitions, photos that have been shelved, and so on.  I’m an immature person, but I will do my best what I can do now.

I hope the day come that covid-19 has been settled and everyone can draw a bow comfortably.

April 3, 2020
Kyudo Photographer
Koji Okuno